In too many firms, the business of law has come to overshadow the practice of law. We promote the concept of a lawyer as counselor. The primary goal of a lawyer must be to resolve the issues with which his or her client is faced. Reaching that goal requires developing a relationship between client and lawyer wherein both parties fully understand the representation and expectations. Lawyers must not understand only the problem facing the client; they must also understand the client’s overall personal and business situation as well. An understanding of a client’s overall situation allows a lawyer to propose resolutions beyond the simple and obvious, but which allow the client to move on with life absent the threat or reality of litigation. Only then is sufficient trust developed between client and lawyer.

We are a small firm that provides personal service. We have big firm experience, along with periods of government service and work in small firms. The small firm provides the opportunity for clients to meet and work directly with the attorneys who will handle their cases or matters.

As a small business, we understand the necessity of resolving disputes as quickly as possible with only minimal impact on your business or personal life. While we regularly bring cases to trial, we also understand that litigation is extremely difficult to confront and that difficulty must be taken into consideration in assessing the proper resolution of a matter.

Building trust through an open dialog about cost expectations and structures.

We are a small business just as are many of our clients. We understand that perhaps the most intimidating aspect of hiring a lawyer is the associated cost. We believe that all client relationships must begin with a clear understanding of both the client’s and the firm’s expectations. Those expectations must include the costs associated with the representation.

To that end, we openly discuss fee arrangements with our clients at the outset of the relationship. We are open to non-traditional fee structures beyond the billable hour. We will offer all clients choices with respect to our billing structure and will consider any proposals from our clients that will best suit the client’s’ needs.

We are of the mind that the most important aspect of our job is to build trust with our clients. We expect an open dialog with our clients, which should include discussions and agreements on the best possible billing scenarios for both the client and the firm.

If you have any questions  regarding our areas of practice, our philosophy, or our billing process, don’t hesitate to call us at 860-664-4440.